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Student Advising: Need advice? Use these resources!

Student Advisors…….but there are so many!

Students at Chapman University have a myriad advising support that they can go to when they need help sorting out confusing questions regarding their programs. But sometimes the confusion comes from trying to figure out just which advisor to go to for the question they may have! The truth is that there are several types of advisors that are all waiting to help assist students with their academic and professional journeys, and here we have broken down for CCI students which advisor to go to for which type of question or query.

  • Peer Advisor- starting this fall 2023 semester we have a student peer advisor for CCI. Alissa Sakamoto, will be available to speak to students on Thursdays in person from 2-4pm or Fridays via zoom. As a Peer Advisor Alissa is available to answer questions regarding CCI classes and requirements; provide information on academic programs, policies and procedures; and make appropriate referrals to campus resources. They also provide advice based on their experiences as students at CU. Sometimes it is nice to get a perspective from a student who has gone through the program which Alissa will be happy to discuss! To book an appointment with Alissa, visit her calendly site .

  • Unit Advising/Program Advising- For advising on CCI specific curriculum requirements students can contact CCI Director Dr. Patrick Fuery, Dr. Kelli Fuery or Program Manager Shannon Halverson. This includes questions about the CCI Minor program structure according to your catalogue year, Student Evaluation questions regarding the minor, substitutions within the minor, or alternatives if they are having difficulty getting into courses. Guidance or questions regarding Study Abroad options for the minor should be addressed to either Dr. Patrick Fuery or Dr. Kelli Fuery. You can check your Program evaluation to see who your program advisor for CCI is. Please begin with the person listed for study abroad questions. IF you do not have a CCI minor program advisor assigned to you, please contact Shannon Halverson at and she can assist you with that. *Please note that the unit advisors can give assistance and advice on matters of CCI , but the student will always want to double check their program evaluation with the Academic Advising Center to make sure that ALL credits (in terms of both major(s) and minor(s) ) are showing as they expect them to be.

  • Academic Advising- the Academic Advising Center Advisors are trained to look over Student Program evaluations and make sure students are meeting all of their credential requirements, and to spot any problems. They however, will not always know the nuances of every major/minor, and so sometime a dialogue will need to be opened up between them and the unit if a question arises. They specifically can help with:

  • Answer questions concerning academic policy, transfer credit, the appropriateness of general education courses, changing majors, petitions, etc.

  • Provide advising workshops for new students and assist with registration.

  • Provide comprehensive advising for all first year students.

  • Serve as primary advisors for undeclared students.

  • Make referrals to additional advising resources and academic support services.

As CCI is a minor and not a major at the moment, we do not have a designated Academic Advisor for our program. To find out which advisor would be best for you to meet with, you would want to check on the Academic Advising contact page where advisors are listed by college.

  • Career Advising- As CCI is housed within the Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, CCI students are able to meet with Wilkinson College’s Career Manager Ms. Erin Berthon. Erin can assist CCI students with the following:

1. Career Exploration and Planning

2. Internship and Job Search Strategies- Having trouble finding an internship or job, Erin can help you with this

3. Resume/Cover letter tailoring

4. Personal website & Social Media review

5. Interview Prep & Practice

Be sure to check out Erin’s Career Corner page on the Wilkinson college website for internship and job information, resources and upcoming events.

Students can make an appointment with Erin via Handshake or email her at

The Career and Professional Development Center- Though Erin is part of the Career and Professional Development Center, her expertise is more in planning for, finding and prepping for an internship or job. Students would want to utilize the Career and Professional Development Center once they have an internship and an Internship advisor confirmed and need to register the internship for credit. Go to the Career and Professional Development Center’s Internship page for the overview and instructions on how to do this. If students have questions about any part of this process, they can contact the Center M-F 8am-5pm at 714-997-6942 or email them at

We hope that this information will assist students in finding the person or office that will be the most help when an advising question comes up for them. Hope your semester is off to a great start!

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