Sneak Peak at Spring 2021 Courses

Even though it seems like we just started this semester, it's that time of year again: time to go searching through MyChapman for a new schedule. The course catalog opens on October 19th, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak at all of the CCI classes being offered next semester.

There are some new editions this semester so make sure to read through the descriptions of each course. Additionally, while a portion of spots in each class is specifically held for CCI students, these courses are open to anyone so feel free to share this with friends!

CCI 100: Introduction to Creative and Cultural Industries -- This class will provide students with an introduction to the key concepts in the field of the Creative and Culture industries. Central to the course will be the exploration of the how culture is used both at an institutional level and in everyday life as well as the idea of culture and cultural production and how these concepts have been understood and have changed throughout history. The main goal being to help the students to explore the definitions and wider implications of the Creative and Cultural Industries in order to consolidate students’ knowledge of the multiple meanings associated with this term.

CCI 202: Popular Culture -- This course introduces the major theories of popular culture, including contemporary media culture (film, TV, podcasts, fashion, music). Topics include why do we have conspiracy theories? What are the consequences of practicing magic? (We will try and see what happens!) What is postmodernism? How does popular culture deal with sexuality and/or transgression? Do we live in a visual culture? How does one become a celebrity? Students explore theories that examine the basic issues of popular culture - surveillance, censorship, violence, taste and pleasure.

CCI 204: Introduction to Museum Studies -- Through contact with the university’s art collections, field-trips to area museums, and exposure to current theory and debate, this course offers an introduction to the dynamic field of Museum Studies. Topics include collections management, curatorial practice, exhibition planning, museum education and new technologies. (Same as AH 204.)

CCI 300: Media, Culture and Emotion --This course analyzes emerging artistic, political and ethical considerations of identity and emotion, including how we care for and interpret the body. We consider how technology has intervened on our understanding of the ‘natural’ body and subsequent influences on our construction of self and other. To do so students will be looking at new and emerging technology, media platforms through personal, local, national and global perspectives.

CCI 303: Cultural Organization Management -- This course will examine the key issues, concepts and practices associated with the management and operation of cultural organizations. Taught by faculty and industry-leading guest speakers, covering domestic and international perspectives, the course will equip students with the theoretical and practical skills needed for working in the Creative and Cultural Industries.

CCI 304-01: Creative and Cultural Industries in Practice - Podcasting -- This course allows students to contribute a segment for a reboot of the Catalyst Podcast, a podcast that focused on the art and the artists of Chapman University. Students who come out of this 300 level class will know how to produce, edit, host, market and launch their own podcast, and the Catalyst podcast would give them an opportunity to run a network, and give Chapman students an opportunity to subscribe, listen, and then learn about all of the talented students on the campus.

CCI 305: Cultural Studies -- This course engages with the major ideas and concepts of cultural studies. It will introduce the emergence of cultural studies as a discipline, looking at its origins in film and media studies, anthropology, feminism, English, Art, political science, sociology, and gender studies. The course will explore how cultural studies developed ideas for examining cultural texts and products and their relationship to meaning and identity. The course will engage with issues of creativity and support students to pursue their own interests in CCI.

CCI 329: Experimental CCI: The Publishing Industry -- This course will examine various aspects of the Publishing Industry as it pertains to the Creative and Cultural Industries. Students will be provided with an overarching view of the industry – understanding its cultural and economic impact in the US and globally – and examine emerging issues in relation to both the workforce of publishing houses and the cultural impact their output has. As a CCI Minor, this course can be applied to count for one of your 300 level core courses, or an upper division elective. (Same as ENG 329/ENG529) *Note, this course will have a number of seats reserved for CCI students, as all CCI courses do, however in addition there will be 5 seats reserved for MFA students.

Registration begins on November 9th, so make sure to plan your classes and handle any holds on your account before that time. We hope to see you next semester!

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