How to Beat the Quarantine Blues

It’s been a little over seven weeks since the stay-at-home order was officially enacted in California and there’s only so much bread we can bake before the novelty wears off and we forget to feed our sourdough starters. For students, we also face the end of the semester and (for most of us) a summer looming without the usual promise of summer jobs and internships. The end of the school year means a much needed reprieve from Zoom classes and assignments, but it also means the end of a set schedule and responsibility. I personally am a little worried that I’m about to drift into a lawless land of waking up at noon, watching Netflix, and endlessly snacking until I fall asleep again. While a couple days of R&R are much needed, I think this summer could actually be a unique time when instead of stressing about bulking up our resumes, we can dive deep into our creative practices. We can focus on passion projects and the crafty endeavors we’re usually forced to ignore in lieu of real-life responsibilities. That can also be a little daunting though. If you’re not sure how to get the creative juices flowing, here’s our roundup of the best websites and advice to get you started:

1. It’s okay to look to others for inspiration

Check out these hashtags on Instagram:
















Explore my favorite blog where you can find stories on just about anything:

Go on some virtual gallery and museum tours:

Top Left: The Broad in Los Angeles

Top Right: The Modern Contemporary Museum in Amsterdam

Bottom Left: The Guggenheim in New York

Bottom Right: The Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo in Brazil

2. Get in the mood

Listen to these songs recorded in quarantine for the Tiny Desk Contest

Skip around this article chock full of Spotify Quarantine Playlists

3. Read the News -- no really! Here are some heartwarming and inspiring stories showing that good things are still happening during COVID time

Video Game-Streaming Grandma is Making a Profound Impact on the Lives of Strangers Across the Internet

For the First Time, U.S. Renewable Energy Surpasses Coal Every Day For An Entire Month

Britain’s Best Gardening Couple Outdo Themselves With Spring Spectacular After Spending Lockdown Tending Their Oasis

Banksy Drops Off Superhero Nurse Artwork at Hospital in UK With a Thank You Note

Cast of ‘Parks and Rec’ Raises $3M for COVID Relief After Reuniting for Quarantine Episode (WATCH)

4. Start with some easy projects before diving deep into your own craft

Make a “No-Sew” Covid-19 Mask

Create an At-Home Garden

Write a Found Poem

Make a Bath Bomb to Help Yourself Chill

Learn How to Draw Some Beloved Disney Characters

5. Remember that art is important and your work can change the world!

Can Art Change the World? 5 Important Works by JR

Why Art has the Power to Change the World

Ten Pieces of Art that Changed the World

Nine People that are Changing the World through Art and Kindness

Sasha Velour Explains how Drag's Optimism can Change the Future

Just making this list got me excited to start on some new projects and explore the creative outlets that we do have access to right now. While we can’t necessarily immerse ourselves in museums or physical creative spaces, this is a chance to challenge yourself to find the motivation. Maybe you’ll even find that just a little creative practice can make a huge difference in your perspective on this whole situation. Share the ways you’ve been staying creative or how you plan to start!

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