Career Tips and Tricks!

The Center for Creative and Cultural Industries has teamed up with Wilkinson College's Career Advisor, Erin Berthon, to bring you all the tips and tricks you need to succeed in finding your dream job or internship!

Tip #1

On Handshake keep your location open -- this is going to open you up to all of the remote jobs and internships out there!

Tip #2

Interviewing is such an important component to landing a job! Online interviewing serves the same purpose as in-person interviewing. Remember to have good lighting, no loud noises around you, and no clutter in your space. Standout is a useful tool offered through Handshake: It allows you to conduct practice interviews and gives you feedback on your performance.

Tip #3: GoinGlobal is a website available to all Chapman undergrads and alumni FREE through Handshake. It's perfect for everyone looking for jobs at home or abroad. It has over 60 million jobs available worldwide, and they take you through the process step by step from getting a work permit or visa to making sure your resume or CV is culturally correct.

Tip #4: LinkedIn Learning is another resource that Chapman provides free for students and alumni. Learn languages and skills, earn certificates, and add them to your resume! Networking is also an important part of using LinkedIn. You can utilize Chapman's network by searching for alumni in your desired field or specific company. Erin also recommends making sure your cover photo looks professional and that your bio is interesting and eye-catching.

Tip #5: There are questions you can be sure you're going to encounter in the interview process. What are your salary expectations? What's your greatest weakness? Do you have any questions? This week Erin gives us the low down on how to answer these questions like a pro and gives examples of what questions to ask your potential employer that will surely impress them!

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