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Award-Winning CCI Students

Creative and Cultural Industries Seniors Winning Awards Across Campus, and we Couldn’t be More Proud!

As the 2022/23 Academic year winds to a close, we would like to take a moment to celebrate all of the divergent, creative and critical thought that we have seen from the incredible students that make up the Creative and Cultural Industries Minor. Our interdisciplinary minor sees students whose majors reside in almost every school at the university. It is no wonder then, that our students are winning awards in other programs and their majors!

CCI is so pleased to celebrate three of our students who won awards at the program, department, college, and university levels this year. Their hard work and dedication to their academic studies as well as wider service achievements deserve to be praised. We celebrate their successes as part of the CCI program and are proud of what they have done. The rich diversity of thought they bring to their studies, as well as their passion and energy, have enriched our program. It has been an honor to have had them in our classes and wish them all the very best for the future.

Marit Aurin’23

Political Science major, CCI and Chinese double minor, and University Honors Program Student

Marit was recognized with the following awards: the Academic Excellence Award in the Honors College, the Honors Outstanding Student of the Year Award, the Henley Social Sciences Award for Departmental Honors in the Political Science Department, and the 2023 Staff Award from the Office of Admission.

Ali Davenport’23

English major, CCI and Environmental Studies double minor

Ali was recognized with the following awards: the Anna Maria Jardini Award for Service and Achievement as well as the Kugelman Humanities Award for Departmental Honors in the English Department.

Anna Mauldin’23

Sociology major, CCI minor

Anna was recognized with the following award: the Henley Social Sciences Award for Departmental Honors in the Sociology Department. We celebrate our wonderful students and wish them the very best in their future lives. We know they will be successful and look forward to staying in touch with each of them.

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