Alumni Engagement for Undergrads

The clock is ticking down as the end of the academic year approaches. Seniors undoubtedly feel this the most as the thought of delayed commencement ceremonies and job searches dance through their minds. Soon they will become the most elusive of creatures, one whose attention in the coming months and years will be more valuable than we all now realize a roll of toilet paper can be. They will transition into the majestic University Alumni.

Through the years Chapman and other universities have sometimes struggled with how to best support Alumni. Though Chapman as a university has taken great strides in the effort to keep meaningful connections with former students, individual programs have sometimes had less success. We in the Creative and Cultural Industries Program want students to know that our aim is to continue to support and help beyond the time here at Chapman. As a newer program, now is the time to build a connected and robust Alumni program, and we think the best way is to ask you what you would like to see. To that end we have a short survey we would like you to fill out and give us some feedback on what you are looking for as a CCI Alumni. This is a natural thing to ask seniors, but we want ALL CCI students to participate, because after all , you will all be Alumni someday, and the comments and suggestions you offer up now, will only help us to lay the foundation for programs that can be of great benefit to you when it comes time for you too to become AN ALUMNI.

Take the survey here!

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