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‘Climate Conversations’ Competition

The Climate Crisis is changing our world. From rising temperatures causing prolonged drought to mega-storms bringing catastrophic flooding, our climate is becoming increasingly uncertain.


Our practical response has been to pioneer renewable energy sources, develop electric cars, and invent sustainable materials. Despite these efforts, more radical change is needed to curb the worst effects of climate breakdown. This is spurring more extreme solutions like redesigning our cities or geo-engineering projects on a global scale.


The Crisis has also caused us to reflect on the foundation of our contemporary societies, and the connections between environmental degradation, economic inequity, and social injustice. This has led to calls for divergent ways of living: how we might better co-exist with nature, create alternatives to a consumer society, and repair frayed social bonds?

We are on the cusp of a social transformation that parallels the industrial and technological revolutions of the 19th century. As such, this competition calls for creatives to consider how we prepare for a more uncertain world. We are seeking entries addressing the following themes:


  • Adaptation: How can we make preparations for significant changes to our society?

  • Grief: How do we process and mourn what we have lost through Climate Change?

  • Futures: What might alternative climate futures look like and how do we achieve them?

  • Pasts: How can past traditions and practices to navigate present uncertainty?

  • Stories: How can new forms of creative expression help us make sense of the crisis?

Competition Deadline: April 09, 2023

Any questions, or queries about the submission process, please contact:

Submission Categories

Artistic practice

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Digital art

  • Performance [max 10 mins]

  • Photography

  • Sculpture

Writing [1000-word limit]

  • Flash fiction

  • Multi-modal projects

  • Poetry

  • Short essays

Submission Criteria

Creative responses must include a dialogue or conversation in some form.

  • Prizes will be awarded to the winning entry for each category.

  • Competition winners will be exhibited at the conference ‘Contemporary Conversations in Climate Change’, on 21st and 22nd April in the Fowler School of Law.

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